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I'm Jel.

And I'm a gamer, role-player, and a party decorator.  Jelani has been my gaming name for so long, I don't remember how I became Jel.  And as a dedicated role-playing gamer, I've always wanted to have my own spell book and gaming gear (musical instruments if a bard, weapons for a fighter, and wands/staves as a spell caster).

Now I am sharing my creations with you. Spell books and journals are just the beginning and I hope you enjoy them. When I say I believe in totally personalizing your spell book, I mean just that. You can determine the size, style, material, paper, spells and language.

So have a browse and may all your kills be swift and your loot bountiful!

Each book is lovingly hand-made. You have a choice of 8 different "faux-leather" materials to choose from. If you'd like a sample to see the quality and color, I'm happy to send you one free.

Books come in 3 standard sizes and price quoted is for the smallest - 4 x 5½. Unless otherwise noted, books come with 3 signatures of 6 pages each for a total of 36 pages using regular or parchment paper. I do have an option for hand-aged paper but know that as it is hand-made, the darkness and amount of aging vary from page to age. However, I can custom make your spell book to any size you want, number of signatures or number of pages within each signature.

Your book can be bound "soft"--just the binding stitches or "hard"--more like a traditional book with the spine having more support. Additionally, you have a choice of 4 different binding stitches (tight long stitch, long stitch with spaces, double X, and starburst). 

Journals come with blank pages for you to write in as you choose. But my main love is making these real spell books. I can use standard spells or you can send me the spells you want printed. I have created my own verbal commands for mage and cleric spells and have translated these into elvish and dwarven. I'm happy to translate yours as well!

Lastly, I'm still learning how to emboss and decorate these books, so new designs should be out soon.

About the Books

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