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This is a small blank book with 3-4 signatures (72-96 pages). It has a variety of color, paper-type, and thread options. If you don't see one you like, I can try to get exactly what you want to make it the book of your dreams!

straight line-not divided, round cut, braid, soft edge

  • The binding style you want may be determined by how many pages/signatures you want in your book. Also, the price of the book goes up by # of pages/signatures. The average is 6 double-sided pages (12 pages) to 1 signatures. 3-4 (30-60 pages) signatures does not incurease the price. 5-6 (60-90 pages) adds $5, 7-8 (90 - 120) adds $10, anything above would have to be discussed.

  • You have a choice of thread colors as well: black, blue, brown, cream and silver

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